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Trip Reports


Winter adventures in the Middle East: Jordan, Lebanon, and the UAE


100 cappuccinos and 1,000 cups of wine… From Rome to Nice (back home!)

Tales from Israel and the West Bank

Singapure twenty-twelve: a culinary delight

Reunification Express. Two weeks across Vietnam by train, bus, plane, bike, and boat

Sabaidee Laos! From Luang Prabang to Vientiane the uncomfortable way

By railroad we travel! Vientiane to Bangkok in (a different kind of) first class

Island-hopping in the Philippines. Stunning landscape and few tourists makes for a perfect destination

Australia! a.k.a. Eating Kangaroo in Sydney, Crocodile in Daintree, plus other random Queensland adventures


A weekend in Santiago de Chile: DFW-SCL-DFW on American Airlines Business Class (763)

Yokoso Japan! Hanami (sakura watching) in Ueno Park, plus the nightlife of Taito and the sights of Narita City

A lion here, a rhino there… A week between South Africa and Swaziland, where the land is beautiful, the people welcoming, and the food astonishing

Australia and New Zealand – A 10-Day Adventure Down Under:

Adelaide, South Australia

Barossa Valley

Grampians National Park

Great Ocean Road



Europe for Christmas And New Year’s. A Taste of Germany, France, Italy, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, and London

A layover in Frankfurt

Toulouse and Gaillac: A Little-known corner of France

Monaco: A Surreal Country

The French Riviera

From Waffles to Stoemp: Brussels

The Magic Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


Las Vegas – Hiking the Red Rock Canyon

Cancun! Enuff Said

To Taiwan! Eating Taipei One Bite at a Time

Four Days in Hawai’i – Kona 2014

Central Asia Express: Highlights of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Almaty: A Central Asian Metropolis

Khiva: From the Land of One Thousand and One Nights

Bukhara: A Beacon of Knowledge

Samarkand: The Center of the Timurid Empire

Tashkent: A Soviet Capital

Turkistan and Shymkent: Deep into Kazakh Steppe

Thanksgiving in Amsterdam…

…and a detour to Haarlem

24 Hours of Shopping in Dubai


A long weekend in Paris

Engagement weekend in Half Moon Bay, California

– Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

– San Francisco

Post-wedding trip to London, Provence, and Cote d’Azur to visit the family

Honeymooning in the Caribbean

– San Juan, PR

– Carnival Liberty

– St Thomas, USVI

– Barbados

– St Lucia

– St Kitts

– St Maarten/St Martin

A business trip to Helsinki


A trip to Guatemala

Our daughter’s first trip? O.C., quite naturally!

England and Oslo with a baby!

– Wandering through London and some Michelin-starred dining

– The Cotswolds

– Oslo

A trip to Southern China

Hong Kong


Haitang Bay

Yalong Bay


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  1. Mel & Suan / Oct 5 2016 9:57 am

    Keep up with the journeys!

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