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April 30, 2017 / oneworld82

The Wing First Class Lounge @ HKG

So here we were again – the Wing First Class lounge. I wish we went to the Pier in hindsight, especially since I have never been there. But the Wing will do it. Its champagne bar is always a nice sight, and the staff is very polite. Plus, how could we possible resist the allure of a private cabana??

In fact, reserving the cabana was the first thing we did. There were two people ahead of us, but that was no problem given how much time we had. I am still hitting myself in the head though for not leaving the airport to do to Kowloon – how silly…

In any case, a glass of rose’ champagne, and we were ready for dinner. Actually, no – no dinner, because as we were being seated the buzzer went off alerting us that a cabana had become available. Hurry, hurry – we can’t miss this chance! Champagne in hand, we accessed our cabana which, truthfully, was pretty cool. Lounging area, bathroom, fantastic bathtub, not so functional but cool shower, and clothes pressing service. We spent an enjoyable hour relaxing, drinking wine, and unwinding – just what we needed before a good dinner.


Fantastic cabana

Pressing service

I had had breakfast at the Haven before, back in 2015 on my way to Taiwan. The food was very good – I still remember their selection of dim sum (review linked here). This time I was excited because I was finally going to try some lunch/dinner food – both from the buffet and the menu.

After being seated we ordered some champagne and then we took a look at the menu, which looked like a good mix of Western and Chinese dishes. I ordered some stir fry noodles, while Thuy ordered a risotto, and after that we checked out the buffet. While the selection was not particularly extensive, the quality of what we tried – salad, dim sum, fried rice, dim sum – was very good. I had some pumpkin soup as well – it was good – and the selection of cheese and dessert looked fine as well.

After having our appetizers, the mains were delivered. My noodles were very good, as was Thuy’s risotto (I apologize I forgot what risotto was exactly). To end the meal we had a pear tart with custard cream and brownies ordered from the menu – it was as decadent and as tasty as it sounds.

After the meal, we stored our hand luggage and we left the lounge intending to leave the airport, only to be frustrated by the lack of easy ways out. We ended up shopping for some oolong tea, before returning to the lounge for a couple hours nap. Now, the lounge lacks proper resting areas – a shame, given how uncomfortable armchairs can be for resting (in that regard, the day rooms at the Pier look way better – too bad I discovered them too late).

Once we woke up it was around 11pm – so it was time for us to go to the gate to catch our flights.

Overall, the lounge was just as good as I remembered – although certainly not as good as other First Class lounges out there. While it’s good for a couple of hours, I wouldn’t spend more than that there given the lack of activities. Great food and snacks (notable is the tea selection, with the hot beverage prepared to order in front of you) and good champagne made us happy campers – together with the coolest cabanas out there.

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