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April 16, 2017 / oneworld82

Cathay Pacific First Class HKG-MXP – Another memorable flight (CX F, 77W)

After bidding Thuy goodbye as she was boarding her AA flight to LAX (“only” in business class), I proceeded to my gate for the Cathay Pacific flight that would bring me to Milan, where a quick connection on BA Club Europe would then deliver me to London for a few business meetings.

As I got to the gate, the flight was almost ready to board, although there were relatively few people around the gate area.

Flight CX194, HKG-MXP

Dec 6th, 2016 – time

Boeing 777-300ER

First Class, Seat 2G

I boarded right away with other first class passengers, and at the door I was greeted by smiling flight attendants and I was shown my aisle seat. Unfortunately, for whatever reason I had forgotten to select my seat, and so got stuck with a “middle” seat in a full cabin – I counted 4 Italians and 2 Chinese customers.

I really love the Cathay Pacific suite – it looks and feels so spacious and private even without doors or particular partitions! The refreshed seats and color schemes are very nice too, and the fresh orchid adds a touch of elegance to it.

After seating down I was offered a drink and then pajama and amenity kit. CX pj’s are always nice, stylish, and comfortable – the best ones out there together with Qatar Airways’ in my opinion (I still haven’t tried AF F though). The amenity kit is from Aesop, and while not particularly aesthetically appealing it features a moisturizer and lip balm from the cool Australian brand – one of my favorite cosmetics companies out there (their mandarin facial cream is a staple in my bathroom cabinet, together with SK-II creams). Before departure the purser came by to introduce herself and to wish me a pleasant flight – always a nice gesture. An amuse bouche and Krug were served.

Cathay Pacific offers Bose headphones in First Class – top notch; CX Studio – the signature entertainment system – is top notch as well, featuring lots of movies from around the World. Menus were handed out before take off, and they read as follows.

Given the late departure time, the menu featured a supper (on the lighter side) that consisted of both Chinese and Western options. There was a nice snack selection, and then a rather extensive breakfast offering – after all, this was a 12+ hours flight.

Take off was smooth and timely, and right after take off the male flight attendant serving my aisle came taking supper orders. He was outstanding btw, poor-ish English skills notwithstanding. I asked for a Campari & soda, which was served with some mixed nuts. I love Campari – that’s an aperitif that never gets old and that’s the base to oh-so-many timeless Italian classics – from Negroni to Americano.

Then, the show began, and my Chinese dinner was served. I will say it here – everything was very good. As usual with Asian carriers, I try to stick with the Asian option, as it’s usually a sure bet. This time was no different.

To start, caviar was offered. The way Cathay Pacific does caviar has no equals, in my opinion.

The quality of the presentation (and of the Calvisius caviar, for that matter) probably has no equals in the sky. I also like CX’s bread basket, that offers a variety of choices.

After the caviar, the soup ensued. I always like Chinese soups – they are so fragrant, full of flavor. This one was no exception, and it was a treat since it was chicken and American ginseng. A cold plate of jellyfish accompanied it – it was good as well (although jellyfish is not my favorite seafood).

The main was then brought out, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well. It was braised duck – of course! – and it was very flavorful. The great presentation helped as well, of course.

After the main I went to change into my pj’s in the nice restrooms, stacked with Aesop amenities. The amenity kit is also branded Aesop – one of my all-time favorite beauty brands from Australia (and famous for their cutting-edge store designs) – if you want high-quality product that won’t set you back at the same price of La Prairie or SK-II, this is for you (I use their Mandarin facial cream on a daily basis).

Once I came back, my very-comfortable bed was ready.

I managed around four hours of sleep, then I suppose the jet lag kicked in and I woke up. The cabin felt a bit warm – no need for the cover at that point. I watched some TV – another Chinese movie to complete the collection. This one was an action comedy movie – I forgot the many – that was as silly and cliche’ as it was entertaining. I had a noodle soup as snack, and it was very good.

Time passed by, and around 1h30m before landing in Milan, breakfast was served. I opted for the Chinese version, as I wanted my last dose of dim sum.

After the table was beautifully set up, we started with fruit. I really liked how Cathay Pacific prepared a basket of toasted bread and jam, honey+butter. Some orange juice and champagne of course didn’t hurt either.

The dim sum were good, although not great. There were scallop siu mai, seafood dumpling, chicken and ham bean curd wrap, conpoy vegetable dumpling, and beef ball.

Breakfast was overall very good. After that I had time to go to the lavatory and change, and then to watch some more tv before an on-time landing in Milan.

As we deplaned, an attended was waiting for me and other passengers with a sign with our name on it. We were met and greeted and personally escorted to security for our connecting flights.

Overall, this was an excellent Cathay Pacific flight. I did enjoy my Singapore Airlines flight more – probably thanks to the great crew (especially on the first segment), but CX offers such a seamless, luxurious, yet understated product that it’s really hard to fault anything about it.


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