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April 16, 2017 / oneworld82

A short hop to London – British Airways Club Europe (MXP-LHR, BA J, A320)

I had about 45 minutes to wait before boarding my flight to London, and instead of looking for the lounge I just called Thuy (who had just landed in LAX) and lingered by the gate. While we boarded on time, once on board we were told that it was a foggy day in London, and that flights were delayed quite a bit at Heathrow. Fortunately, we were delayed only 50 minutes, after which we took off. The flight was mostly uneventful, but the view I got over the snow-capped Alps was glorious. A traditional English breakfast was served – good quality and plentiful – Do&Co’s new catering is really paying off on short haul flights if you ask me. Also, I love the little sweet bites that BA gives with breakfast – so delicious!

After we landed in London I headed to the office for a couple of meetings before catching my AA flight back home to Dallas later in the afternoon.


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