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March 18, 2017 / oneworld82

Singapore Airlines’ Private Room @ SIN

After this long marathon on SQ First, I finally arrived in Singapore. Upon deplaning I made my way through the connection hall where I caught a bus to the main terminal, where my flight to Hong Kong would depart from. I had around 1h30m before my next flight, and I needed to pick up some duty free items (SK-II lotions – much cheaper at Changi than anywhere else!) that I had previously bought online before making my way to the lounges.

The terminal is really impressive. As you might have read online, Changi offers a host of amenities ranging from a swimming pool to free city tours for in-transit passengers, and it’s consistently rated #1 airport in the World by Skytrax; if you pass through it you will easily see that this honor is highly deserved.

After picking up my lotions I headed to the SQ lounge area, located upstairs from the main concourse. At the reception desk I had to show my boarding pass, and then an attendant escorted me all the way to the back of the lounge, past the First Class section, where the Private Room is located.

I had read two major complaints about this lounge: it’s small; it’s boring. Both are true. I am glad I had only 30 minutes to spend there, because the area is so quiet and secluded that anything longer would feel like a waster of time.

In any case, the look and feel of the space is very classy, and the sit-down restaurant top notch. The area is big enough to accommodate all the guests that might visit the lounge at once (I assume), and the decor is luxurious.

I had (yet another) breakfast – Roti Prata (which was delicious) and cappuccino (which was alright).

After my quick breakfast, I walked around the lounge a bit. Nothing much to see.

I also checked out the restroom, that was impeccably immaculate.

At T-40 I started packing to leave the lounge to head to my gate. I was able to glance into the business class lounge (and first class one), which looked busy but nice.

A short walk delivered to my gate, where I would catch my final final to Hong Kong.

Overall, I liked the Private Room for its ambiance and decor; however, the size and lack of real entertainment options doesn’t make it stand out as one of the top lounges out there.

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