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March 6, 2017 / oneworld82

Singapore Airlines Part II – FRA-SIN on Suites Class (A388 F)

After checking my boarding pass I was let through and I made my way to the Suites entrance. No escort this time.


Upon entering the plane I was greeted by the full Suites crew and escorted to my suite, 2A. While the seat was the same as before, it had been thoroughly cleaned and freshened up – and a card mentioning exactly that was left on the console table to the seat’s side.

I will not report on the suite again, as even the plane was the same, but I will try to focus here more on the service and on the food.



Suites cabin

Suites cabin




A couple of minutes after sitting down the purser and the flight attendants came by to greet me and to wish me a good flight. My FA asked me if I wanted anything to drink, and I opted for some Dom.



Pre-departure towel

Pre-departure towel

I was offered newspapers and magazines and, also, a pajama – but no new amenity kit. I might not have mentioned it previously, but the pj’s was of great quality and very comfortable, as was the amenity kit from Salvatore Ferragamo which had a generous sample of men’s Eau de Toilette. When flying First I believe airlines have to justify somehow the price tag they put on their tickets, and small touches like this certainly help the cause.

The First Class cabin filled up quickly, and I counted at least 7 guests (but probably more) on this flight. This would affect service a bit throughout the flight, as the crew had to take care of more customers.


I liked my suite 2A because the configuration of the suites is slightly staggered, and so I couldn’t see (unless I tried hard) the people sitting next to me in the center suites. Also, the suites doors of SQ are open, with no windows but built in screens that can be pulled up or down and that provide more or less privacy, depending on the situation.

Take off happened on time, and the captain announced a smooth ride to Singapore that would land us there slightly ahead of schedule – a welcome new given that I only had 1h30m connection and that I wanted to check the private room but also had to pick up some duty free items I had bought through before leaving home (Singapore airport offers excellent value on some cosmetics brands – think SK-II for instance).

Once airborne, drinks orders were taken, together with lunch ones. For this segment I had not pre-selected anything from Book the Cook, as I wanted to see how the onboard offerings would stack against it. The menu on this flight was designed by Italian Michelin starred chef Massimo Cracco from Milan, and featured some interesting Northern-Italian selections. Here’s the full menu.

01b17ad43f43c370aa2e5c866d0a78f4d2f5e07354 0183586431ff490c1ce2c9b42f093005700f0bff40 0125c2a9b9cf33a85bce1f31ae42a0f894d981d982 01924d56b5d711344655a7169d4cfe8d619f619e0c 01b1d912e2c898928b1f8cc374d6025c33495e7fc7 01357251fd0b8162115236f267730008ff737cb518 01712d5c011c298163ad770ba80959503008738b7b 01b196f6f2b772394d4cf6869cc55bc692871af3a2 01a366f52ce2924ea93c6a57dcf9f49cc3c3781c69 0142df2b6a6d91e60f63275549c03cb8b68e11f1e6 015809bf2fbc4b37295852bd89f5fc63b7586da837 01629c8fc517c75c2ff887c2aaa9f104166af3e998 01b8bf6c5e640fe8275d2541e76065aa481fecf57d 014d9058e88117d9f11a59f39bb441bbec77d7e8fb 0116ca88b87248ceef1c68eb3e1ea577e33dd1874e 01cc173d969468882e388776f6753e4d8af42451b3 015fc8dba2803a98b2547af3fd3200965901ba1bbb 0162bfc4898d9c1f7907211df82543ea12ab4ebbf2 01e821d8575f731639dd4a9e3644c1e8819c1bd6b2 0177ee609155f731ee259934f224a56d6c48d900fe 01609e4b93a3f50093c360667fb91149336a34e3a8

After taking the order, the flight attendant came back with a glass of Dom Perignon and satay as amuse bouche, and 15 minutes after the table was set.



The satay were alright, but honestly nothing special. There was something odd with the taste of the meat – not the meat itself but rather its seasoning. The table presentation was, once again, very nice.

I decided to skip the caviar on this flight and to have the stracciatella soup instead. TO be honest, I had never heard of this Italian dish, and so I was not sure what to expect. This is what I was delivered.


It was a burrata-like cheese with a chilled, almost jelly tomato soup. dsc_0124

It tasted great, and I my gamble not to have caviar this time paid off.

To follow I had the pumpkin soup, which ended up being extraordinary.


It was not as creamy as its North American or North European siblings – this Italian version was a lighter soup (almost a broth) with chunks of pumpkin in it. It was really good and it reminded me that soups ought to be light and flavorful.

Then, it was the main dish’s turn. I had selected another chef’s suggestion, the prosciutto-wrapped veal.

dsc_0130 dsc_0131

This main was not from book the cook, and in fact it wasn’t anything special. As the picture shows, it looked (and tasted) rather bland, and it just demonstrated that book the cook is the way to go on Singapore Airlines!

Next, some cheese.


The selection included Gambozola, Brie, and a German hard cheese – good overall.


To close this big lunch, I ordered the gingerbread cake – a specialty served (obviously) only during Christmas season.

dsc_0138 dsc_0139

It was served with a red wine sorbet and red wine sauce – and the ensemble was well executed indeed.

Overall, I enjoyed this meal. Dish presentation was very good, service impeccable as expected, and quality was great with the exception of the main which was mediocre. What really stood out was as in my previous flight the crew, which while not as attentive was still incredible.

While dining I had started watching a Chinese movie – Night Peacock – as I wanted to see where the Middle Kingdom cinema was heading. This love story set between Chengdu and Paris was actually pretty good from a cinematography and photography perspective – the storyline was perhaps a tad expected and the acting not superb, but I enjoyed it nevertheless and showed me how much China is investing in its movie industry.

While enjoying the movie I asked the crew to make up the bed for me, and while I changed into my pj the flight attendant obliged. While the suite is a bit “odd” compared to more modern first class suites (with the bed coming down from the wall and the whole thing shifting) the bed is very comfortable and the suite remains pretty spacious even while in bed mode).


dsc_0151 dsc_0152 dsc_0153

I really wanted to be sleepy and rest on this flight, but I knew it was not going to happen. Not even a glass of Hennessy XO helped…

A long way to go still...

A long way to go still…

Seat after lunch

Seat after lunch


The suite felt really private while closed and hardly any noise could be heard.


Since sleep was not going to happen I just listened to some classical music (the IFE selection of classical music was extensive) and read my book while browsing the internet, which was reasonably priced and fast enough for browsing.


After about three hours, believe it or not, I was hungry, and so I called the flight attendant to order some food. I am not sure why, but even though I pressed the button twice nobody came in, so I took a restroom break to just ask for some noodle soup and a glass of Dom, which were delivered around 15 minutes later on a beautiful bed tray. Snack in bed – I can get used to that (this was much better than the awkward tray used on Etihad, for instance).

015c6bdc5ee2bf2b06afde4516cf02758ff0bdb2cd 019eb7e5a2db36afc94f4a610e130834f3af71b657 01b009fab9221dedc6a06a692983b9351e0592f629

The noodle soup – with shrimp and fungus – was absolutely a winner. Nothing better than enjoying some good Chinese food while watching some tv if you ask me! 🙂

After finishing eating I kept reading my book on China, and I walked around the cabin a bit to stretch my legs…

dsc_0165 dsc_0164

Eventually we got around ninety minutes before landing, and the flight attendants came by to prepare the table for breakfast.

I started with some orange juice, water, and a decent Bloody Mary. I say decent because I still have to have a good one on a plane. These drinks were promptly followed by some much-needed fruit.

To follow, I ordered some muesli – given we were flying from Germany I figured the muesli must be good, and I was right. I like how creamy and flavorful this typical German breakfast dish is!

As main, I had asked for some scrambled eggs served with pancakes, and this is what the crew came up with.

Kudos to them for the brilliant presentation and execution – because this dish tasted just right!

I had my breakfast with some drip coffee, which was good. This plane catered also Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, which I had mid flight and which was definitely very good – not sure the taste justifies the price tag, but this was enjoued on a plane, hence it might actualy be even better on the ground.

After breakfast I went to the lavatories to shave and freshen up and change before landing. I really liked SQ amenities in the bathroom, including lotions, razors, and real towelettes.

As it was still dark I did not have the chance to take any picture of Singapore upon landing, but we did end up arriving at our gate about 15 minutes earlier as promised. I was the first customer to leave the plane, and in doing so I was bid farewell by all the First Class crew.

Overall, this was another excellent sector on Singapore Suites Class. The attention to detail and courteousness of the crew is truly unmatched! Still, the flight wasn’t as memorable as the JFK-FRA segment, mostly because as this flight was fuller I felt like the crew couldn’t dedicate as much attention to each single customer.

Now, on to Changi airport!

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  1. Mel & Suan / Mar 7 2017 9:22 am

    Sweet! You took better photos of the suites then we did!

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