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March 3, 2017 / oneworld82

Lufthansa Senator Lounge in Frankfurt

After being admitted at the lower floor entrance I proceeded to the lounge entrance upstairs. The Senator lounge is meant to be the Lufthansa First Class lounge for Star Alliance partner airlines. I had read many reviews online prior to my visit mentioning how the lounge was more a nice business class lounge than a first class one, so I did not have my hopes up too much. Yet, the lounge turned up to be better than I had expected.


Upon entering, you have a main desk on the left hand side of the lounge, staffed with two attendants. Behind it there is a spa (not complimentary) and the shower rooms.


The lounge has three sections: the first one, adjacent the entrance, is the restaurant area, with lots of dining tables (low and high). While there is no waiter service for dinner, the buffet (during breakfast hours at least) was pretty extensive, featuring a good array of continental, American, and German selections (I forgot to check whether there was any Asian food as well, since the lounge at the time was filled with Japanese businessmen waiting to board their ANA flight to Tokyo).


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Then there was a central area, with dimmer lighting, sofas, and a nice bar area serving both alcoholic and espresso drinks.



Next to it, the third section of the lounge was a long, inviting seating area with great views over Frankfurt airport’s tarmac (and, at the end of it, a smoking area) and there was also a kid’s play area with various toys.

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Overall, I found the lounge to be very inviting and well-designed, and while there were a lot of people it did not feel overly crowded.

I decided to use my layover to take a shower, so I proceeded to the shower lounge where I was immediately checked in by the nice front staff and offered some amenities (tootbrush, razor, etc). I believe there were 7-8 shower rooms, more than enough to avoid long lines. The room itself was quite large and comfortable (and not cold). There was a sink, a seating area, a toilet, and a large rainshower.

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After refreshing myself I went back to the main area to grab some water and, of course, a pretzel with mustard, which I enjoyed while awing at the various planes on the tarmac (Air Canada, Qatar Airways, and Condor were all in front of the lounge).


Also, at some point I heard my name called through the speakers, and I was asked to go to the front desk. I was afraid I was late o board my flight, but in reality I had just forgotten my hair gel in the shower room and the staff had retrieved it for me – very much appreciated.

In any case, 35 minutes before departure time I made my way to the gate where boarding was already underway.


The Senator Lounge at Frankfurt Airport was certainly a good place for a hour-long layover. I do agree that it’s not on par with some good First Class lounges, but since it’s meant for LH partners flying in First Class I cannot fault Lufthansa for not investing more – althrough this is, clearly, a very good lounge and certainly better than your average business class lounge.


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