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January 24, 2017 / oneworld82

Sala VIP Neptuno at Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 4S

As I was waiting for my Qatar Airways flight to start boarding, I decided to check the Priority Club-affiliated lounge at the Satellite terminal of MAD airport – the only other lounge there than the IB one (which I had visited a few years ago). Upon showing my boarding pass and priority club card I was promptly admitted to the lounge, which was pretty big and well-kept.


It featured two long seating sections facing the tarmac (unfortunately it was evening and it was hard to take pictures), and it had a central drinks and food area featuring some spirits, soft drinks, and wine; plus a selection of pastries, snacks, fruit, yogurts, and sandwiches.

img_2774 img_2775 img_2776 img_2777 img_2778 img_2779 img_2780

Overall the lounge was spacious and it did not feel crowded – although there was a good number of people when I visited. Seating areas abound.

img_2783 img_2782 img_2781

The lounge has a sit down area for dining, a computer room, sleeping rooms, and a shower which, if I understand correctly, is free of charge (contrarily to the Aspire Lounge at T5 at LHR which charges an obscene amount of money!). The dining area is large.


Next to the dining area there were a kid’s play area (quite sad, to be fair), and a TV room.

img_2787 img_2786 img_2784

Overall, this is a very decent lounge. Together with the other Priority Club-affiliated lounge in the main T4 terminal (Plaza Mayor), I would say that Priority Club offers a very solid offering in Madrid.

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