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November 9, 2016 / oneworld82

Off to Europe on British Airways Club World (BA 77W, J)

After leaving work, I headed to the airport to catch my BA flight to London. I would land in LHR at 9am, go to the Sofitel’s Club Millesime for a shower, and then head to the office for a couple of meetings before flying to Madrid. Busy trip ahead.

Terminal D did was quiet when I arrived, and within minutes I was on my way to the Centurion Lounge, conveniently located across D17 where my flight would leave. I sat down, got a gin and tonic together with some (excellent) Dan Fearing’s inspired meatloaf, and before I knew it it was time to board.

img_0351 img_0352 img_0354 img_0355 img_0356 img_0361 img_0365

Flight BA192, B77W

October 11th, 2016

Business Class, Seat 12D

I checked in right after first class customers, and I took my aisle seat in a cabin that was maybe 90% full. Like you know, I am a fan of BA’s Club World, mostly because of its soft product – I agree with many reviews out there that rate the hard product as a bit outdated. Yet, the seat is comfortable, the cabin stylish, and I honestly never have an issue with privacy levels even when I have an aisle seat. So, I can say I am a happy camper here.


img_0368 img_0370

Blanket and pillow were waiting for me at my seat, and after sitting down I was offered a pre-departure beverage – I got the champagne, of course. The FA offered to hang my jacket, and after boarding was completed we took off on time. The captain announced an on time expected landing.

img_0371 img_0374

Club World is always comfortable – no complaints from me there.

img_0380 img_0378 img_0379 img_0376

Shortly after taking off dinner orders were taken, and I opted for the salad, as usual (it was a salmon Nicoise salad this time). My IFE was not working properly, and after asking twice to the crew to reset it, it worked fine. Drinks were served together with nuts (gin and tonic for me please – but they had no Tanqueray, only Beefater – blah), and around I would say 1h into the flight dinner service started. I mentioned various times before how service on BA Club World got considerable slow in the past few months, but this time I saw some signs of improvement. I honestly think that the whole cart service slows things down, and that crew could manage time better by, for instance, taking orders before taking off.

img_0373 img_0377

In any case, the tray with the appetizer and the salad was brought out, followed by a choice of bread rolls and drinks. The salmon was good – I liked the dish – and the salad fresh. BA appetizers are consistently good in my opinion, albeit never great.

img_0386 img_0388 img_0390 img_0391 img_0392 img_0393

After clearing my plate, the main was served… but instead of the salmon salad, I was brought the salmon risotto with bacon fava beans. As I did not feel like sending it back I decided to try it… and boy was I happy I did, because this dish was simply the BEST – hands down – business class entrée I have ever had. It’s hard to describe in words – and pictures don’t do it justice – but the fish was flavorful and the risotto was perfectly cheesy – plus, the addition of bitter fava beans and bacon matched the other flavors perfectly. I loved this dish, and it made me reconsider my whole strategy of always ordering salad on BA…!

img_0398 img_0402

At this point I was feeling fine but not full, and so I went for some cheese. I like how BA serves cheese with oat cakes – perfect complement to cave-aged cheddar and some stilton-like cheese.


Also, I was pleased to see that Star Trek: Beyond was on the list of movies in the IFE – as a serious Trekkie, that made my evening!

img_0381 img_0382 img_0383 img_0384 img_0413

I managed to sleep a good 4 hours, and I woke up around 1h40m out of London. For some reason, lights were already on, and the breakfast service was in full swing – in fact, they had already passed me. Not that I cared too much about breakfast, but I always find it odd how early they start serving food – especially because people are left wide awake with still one hour left to go after service ends.

In any case, I went to the restroom to freshen up, and the flight attendant a few instants later came asking me if I wanted anything for breakfast. I asked only for some yogurt, and he brought me some from First Class, as they had run out in business – nice touch. I had some coffee as well. After that, seeing I was enjoying my yogurt, he came with a basket of breakfast breads, and I got an apple danish. Seeing that I was getting food, he then came back again with bacon rolls, which I declined. I must say, I really appreciated this proactive approach on the crew side – I need to mention it was an all-male crew and it was all around great.

img_0410 img_0411

We landed a few minutes behind schedule after holding around London for a bit, and within minutes I was walking towards immigration (where the automatic checks for EU citizens make things very fast) and shortly after towards the Sofitel.

All in all, this was another solid British Airways Club World flight. I still do not understand why people complain so much about the hard and soft BA product – both are solid, and no other airline serves so many US and CA destinations nonstop like BA does. A job well done, British Airways!

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