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November 9, 2016 / oneworld82

A trip to Rome: Introduction

There are many cities around the World that deserve a visit. London, for instance, is one of such places– with its mix of history, culture, and modernity; Paris is, of course, another one – conjuring fashion with Imperial architecture a monuments. The list could go on and on to include the likes of New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kyoto…

Yet, perhaps no other place in the World can compare to Rome. Its millenarian history, its World-renewed food, and the Romans attitude towards life (la Dolce Vita) make this city absolutely unique (and, yet, only a drop in the vastness of Italy’s cultural and architectural beauty).


Thuy and I thought it fitting to pay homage to the Eternal City before the end of the Year of Mercy, a jubilar year instituted by Pope Francis I to help Catholics make amend for their sins. While not required (I will spare the details here), a visit to the Holy Door (i.e. the entrance) of the Basilica di San Pietro in Vatican City is possibly the best way to complete this rite. Since I was going to be in Madrid for work, we decided to spend a weekend in Rome to have some fun, food, and forgiveness.

The trip report will include also short trip reports on British Airways Club World to London, BA Club Europe to Madrid and then from Rome to London, and American Airlines business class from London to Miami. I hope you will enjoy and find this report useful.

Centurion Lounge DFW and British Airways Club World DFW-LHR

British Airways Club Europe LHR-MAD

Waldorf-Astoria Cavalieri Roma

Touring Rome and Vatican City

British Airways Galleries Lounge Rome

American Airlines Business Class LHR-MIA

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