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October 24, 2016 / oneworld82

Back to Europe, once again! Lufthansa First Class (with a baby!), DFW-FRA (LH A333 F)

After a well-deserved 4 days holiday in Jamaica, we decided to visit my family in Northern Italy over Labor Day weekend, as I needed to be in London for work that week anyways.

The DFW-FRA flight on Lufthansa is always a sure win, as this is a oneworld hub with little demand for F seats on a Star Alliance carrier. This means that F award availability from DFW is always excellent, and it wasn’t a problem to grab two seats a few days out. Booking with Aeroplan meant we could also add Olivia to the reservation for only US$125, a real bargain; three days before our flight I called to reserve a cot, and so we were all set for another trip to Europe!

Come the day of departure, we got to the airport around 1h45m ahead of take off time. Check in at the First Class counter was a breeze, and within minutes we were on our way to security. The check in agent offered an escort for us to the lounge, and since I wanted to try the service I said “sure”. Essentially, a lady walked us through security and to the (bad) Lufthansa lounge, but no advantage whatsoever came out of it. If anything, it brought us to the opposite side of the terminal compared to the much better Centurion Lounge, and so we ended up staying at the contracted LH lounge for a hour or so.

Red carpet today for my two ladies

Red carpet today for my two ladies

While I had been here before, I felt this time like the food and drinks offerings went somewhat down – only chips and packaged snacks were offered on the main section, while for First Class passengers a small buffest (with soup, hummus, and sandwiches) and a larger bar was available. First Class passengers also had access to a more private room.

dsc_0250 dsc_0251 dsc_0252 dsc_0249 dsc_0254 dsc_0255 dsc_0258 dsc_0259 dsc_0261

This lounge has a children area, which was a joke. Think an enclosed space with a TV – and that’s it. Sad.

Anyways, at T-45 the same escort came pick us up and she took us to our boarding gate. I carried Olivia, while Thuy pushed her stroller – it’s crazy how hard it can be to manage a baby while traveling, and this made me appreciate Thuy’s efforts even more when she flew alone with baby a few months back!

We lined up in the First Class boarding lane, and we were soon let board. Once aboard, we were shown to our First Class seats, 2E and 2G, on opposite aisles. It turned out to be a good idea to have adjacent seats, as we could easily “pass” Olivia back and forth while we were eating or situating ourselves.

Having flown Lufthansa First Class on the 748 we could certainly notice how small the cabin on the 333 is in comparison, especially the restroom. Yet, everything was in order and certainly comfortable.


We had two flight attendants serving the cabin today, both male. The more senior one was very polished and efficient, while the younger one looked inexperienced and borderline obnoxious (he treated us like we had never flown with a baby before, and it was borderline irritating).

Amenity kits were brought out, with pjs and menus. Unfortnately, no RIMOWA for us today – the Danish designer’s kit didn’t even come close to it! Champagne and mixed nuts were also offered.

dsc_0275 dsc_0272 dsc_0274 dsc_0273 dsc_0271 dsc_0282

While the day before it looked like Thuy and I would be the only passengers in First Class, the cabin turned out to be full. To the crew’s credit, the service didn’t suffer throughout the flight.

dsc_0268 dsc_0266 dsc_0280 dsc_0279 dsc_0278

After take off, dinner orders were taken. The menu out of the US features regional specialties, and September was Tex-Mex month apparently. The excellent menu was as follows:

img_1755 img_1756 img_1757 img_1758 img_1759 img_1760 img_1761 img_1762 img_1763

After orders were taken, more champagne was offered, and that was followed by the meal proper. Thankfully, Olivia was napping at this point, which allowed us to enjoy our meal. The front cabin setup, moreover, is always nice on Lufthansa.


dsc_0284 dsc_0285 dsc_0287 dsc_0286


After an excellent amuse bouche, caviar from the cart was served, with Grey Goose vodka (served on icy glasses).

dsc_0288 dsc_0290 dsc_0292 dsc_0291 dsc_0293 dsc_0294 dsc_0295 dsc_0299 dsc_0304

The appetizers were brought out promptly after, and they were very good. Achiote chicken, crab maki, mushroom salad – everything had the flavors of the Southwest in it – something my wife really appreciated.

dsc_0306 dsc_0309 dsc_0310 dsc_0311 dsc_0312 dsc_0313

For the main course I had the Gulf shrimp and scallop, while Thuy had the beef fillet & ropa vieja. Both were excellent, especially the beef entree (as you know, beef is hard to prepare as airplane food, but this one was tender and very well executed). I honestly do not remember what I was drinking at this point (I believe I stayed with champagne), while my wife had a glass of the Montepulciano, which I tried as well (it was a good red meat wine).

dsc_0315 dsc_0316

For dessert, I tried the cheese (of course), while Thuy had the apple pie, and after that… Olivia woke up!

dsc_0318 dsc_0319 dsc_0323

We both had our bed made, and while I was able to catch 3-4 hours of sleep, Thuy had to share her bed with Olivia, which meant that the baby slept but the mom not so much. I am really like to have a wife like Thuy, she is beyond words and comparisons, because she let me sleep and rest even though she was taking care of Olivia. I am lucky!

dsc_0328 dsc_0332 dsc_0334

I woke up about 1 hour from Frankfurt, while breakfast was being served. I only had a cup of coffee before changing and getting ready to land in a sunny Germany. We landed on time, and we had to park at a remote stand, which meant that we were picked up by a nice Mercedes van and brisked to the terminal.

Overall, this was another great Lufthansa flight – it’s amazing how consistent their service and the quality of hard and soft products is! Although the younger flight attendant was sometimes borderline obnoxious, everything else more than made up for it. What really cut it for us was that Lufthansa really take good care of families. From a baby amenity kit to attentive service and a very nice crib, we really had everything we needed to make this flight a successful and seamless experience.

After reaching the terminal we cleared immigration and walked to the First Class Terminal. I won’t report much of it since I have reviewed it so many times, but just like back in June, Olivia really enjoyed it. We had breakfast and lunch, and we took a nice family bath. Overall, it was a great layover, before our Mercedes van brisked us away to our A321 for our short hop to Nice (sorry, no report, the family slept the entire flight!).

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