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October 12, 2016 / oneworld82

Why I have started to eat salads on BA

In the past year or so, I have had the chance to fly British Airways to and from Europe about half a dozen times. I must admit, I am a fan of BA’s Club World product – while the seat is narrow and does not have much aisle access, I find the service to be great, the drinks selection solid, the IFE alright, and the food not bad at all. American Airlines is generally better in all regards, but service, which keeps being unimpressive.

Speaking of food, I really like how BA offers a “chilled main dish” choice on its long haul flight – that is, a salad – entrée size. The reason why I like it is, well, because I haven’t found a good “hot” option on BA yet – and because the salads tend to be extremely consistent in both quality and flavor.

Also, as you know, pre-cooking food before boarding is not ideal, so having a mainly-uncooked dish is a great option.

For instance, take a look at my salad on a LHR-DFW I flew over Labor Day weekend.

Salad to DFW

Salad to DFW

It was very fresh, and it had a substantial piece of salmon that, although not especially flavorful, wasn’t dry. The dressing was fine too, so it made up for a nice, healthy dinner.

Now, compare this to the cod entrée I got back in June on my IAH-LHR flight, still in Club World:

Cod entrée from IAH

Cod entrée from IAH

If that looks un-appetizing, it’s because it was. Plain, not very flavorful – I was not a fan.

See more:


Salad to JFK

Salad to JFK

Starter salad and chicken salad on LHR-JFK back in July. It was actually very good! And so was the salad I had on a LHR-BOS flight back in April (I cannot find the picture though) – so, as you can see, there is a very good pattern of great salads there.

Still, last night I was flying DFW-LHR and I ordered the nicoise salad with chicken, but my order got mixed up and I was delivered a baked salmon dish with white white risotto and butter sauce, with bacon fava beans. Well, it was delicious – which perhaps means that sometimes even the other food can be very good (in fact, this was possibly the best business class dish I had in a long time!).


I hope this short article will help inform your choice next time you’ll fly BA business class!

And you, what do you usually eat when flying?


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