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September 25, 2016 / oneworld82

Lufthansa First Class FRA-EWR on a beautiful B747-800

So, this was our first class flight with Olivia, and we were excited to test Lufthansa’s service as we were traveling with an infant. Let me tell you in advance: LH did not disappoint.

It was my first time flying on a 747-800, and First Class nonetheless. The cabin, on the pointy end of the plane, has only 8 seats and felt extremely spacious (much more so than on any LH Airbus plane). We had seats 2K and 3K, as 2K was the only one equipped with a bassinet – a nice feature if traveling with an infant and the main reason why we chose Lufthansa to begin with.

We were welcome by our dedicated flight attendant, a German man in his 50s who would be an incredible help to my wife in dealing with Olivia! Very cute socks were brought in for our daughter – as well as a little stuffed Lufthansa plane. Olivia loved them.

The usual drinks setup (always classy) was used to serve pre-departure drinks – champagne for us, please (Taittinger Brut Millesime for the occasion). Macadamia nuts were also offered.

img_1039 img_1040

As we situated ourselves, three more people joined us in First Class, leaving three seats empty. We pushed back on time for our relatively-short 8 hour flight.

After take off the bassinet was set up, and I must admit it was big and well-padded – definitely comfortable for any baby and big enough to accommodate children up to 2 years old. Unfortunately, Olivia was having too much fun to even thinking about sleeping, and so the “fun” began 🙂

Pre-departure family pic

Pre-departure family pic

Olivia really enjoys being on a plane – we are not sure whether that’s due to the flight attendants (who are always nice to her), or to the engine sound (akin to white noise), or what. As she was almost six months, she was starting to stand up (aided), and she definitely loved looking out of the window.

The seat on LH – which I have reviewed extensively before – never fails to impress.

img_1044 img_1082 img_1083 img_1081

Traveling in First Class is always nice but it’s even nicer with a baby; while you might not enjoy all the amenities as much, the kindness and support of the flight attendants (which make you feel welcome instead of a nuisance) are very important. For instance, whenever we needed to feed Olivia and prepare some baby formula for her, the flight attendant not only prepared some warm water, but also made sure to test it on the back of his hand (only like a parent would do…!) to make sure it weren’t too hot. Small things like this one makes a parent’s day! Also, Lufthansa First Class handed us very cute baby socks for Olivia and a stuffed little plane – again very nice touches that made us feel welcome guests. While we have only flown British Airways business class short haul with Olivia, we encountered the same genuine kindness on the flight attendants’ part – something it has been a hit or miss on American Airlines instead.

img_1041-edited img_1047-edited

Olivia loved her cot!

Olivia loved her cot!

Also, the spacious restrooms on the B748 made it easier to attend to our little one. Look at that changing table…!

img_1069 img_1070 img_1071 img_1072

Back to the flight, the menu read as follows.

img_0561 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0565

It was a very “German-sounding” menu, and it was part of an effort to showcase the most acclaimed dishes of the last ten years instead of featuring a new chef every month as usual.

The drinks menu:

img_0566 img_0567 img_0568 img_0569 img_0570 img_0571 img_0572 img_0573 img_0574

After another glass of champagne (and an amuse bouche)…

img_1049 img_1050

… the tray with the caviar was brought out, and I of course had some, served with Grey Goose vodka. While caviar in first class is perhaps not of the best kind, it’s still very good and it’s always a treat. This was Thuy’s first time having it, and I am glad to report that she really liked it – her palate is becoming increasingly sophisticated 😉

img_1051 img_1052 img_1054

The appetizers on Lufthansa are always intricate and interesting. This time it wasn’t any different. The poulard carpaccio, smoked tuna, and marinated veggies with goat cheese were all winners.

img_1055 img_1060 img_1057 img_1059 img_1061

As main, we both opted for the pasta with bacon-wrapped guinea fowl. I really liked the dish, especially because the pasta was flavorful and the guinea fowl complemented it perfectly (think about a turkey-tasting type of meat), but Thuy, who’s not a big turkey fan, didn’t like it as much.


To follow, I had some of the cheese on offer (the selection is always good on Lufthansa), together with a glass of Port, and that was followed by an espresso and a Johnny Walker Blue. I honestly do not know how I fit all this food into my stomach (counting we had a full breakfast AND lunch in Frankfurt), but clearly the best part of the blood in my body must have been concerned with digestion at this point, because after reclining my seat I fell dead asleep until 1 hour outside of Newark. Bad dad, especially since Olivia kept playing almost all flight! While the crib was nice and big, she preferred mommy’s big seat, which meant she spent almost all flight in mom’s arms. After flying trans-Atlantic with a baby I really, REALLY admire single parents even more!

img_1065 img_1067 img_1068

I ended everything up with a glass of Blue Label, after which I fell soundly asleep while watching the original Star Wars movie. 🙂 Lunch was good (not as good as ANA or JAL, but still very good), and at this point I felt STUFFED! After sending out a few emails through in-flight wifi, I fell asleep in my comfy bed (while Thuy was taking care of Olivia – being a mom is surely hard!)… and woke up 1 hour before landing, feeling super thirsty! Some berries and ice cream helped out with that (Thuy had the gazpacho, which she said was very good).


My very comfortable bed


img_1075 img_1076

My ladies!

My ladies!

I forgot to mention that the amenity kit was not Rimowa, but La Prairie products made up for it 😉

Approaching EWR we got some good views over NY/NJ.

img_1087 img_1089

And once landed, we got some more Star Alliance action.

Our Lady of the Sky

A346 from MUC

Austrian Airlines B777

Austrian Airlines B777

Overall, this was another great flight on Lufthansa First Class, which remains a solid way to cross the Atlantic in style.


Immigration took forever, but LH had an assistant meeting us upon leaving the plane and then again at baggage pick up wih our bags. nice touch.


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