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September 20, 2016 / oneworld82

Lufthansa First Class Terminal with the family after a nice OSL-FRA on LH J

We had a very early morning start to get to the airport for our 6am flight. As Olivia usually woke up around 4.30am, that wasn’t a problem. Lufthansa doesn’t have a dedicated desk at OSL, which means we had to check in through the SAS desk. Unfortunately, this ended up being much more difficult than anticipated, as the line was very long (a lot of people were leaving for their summer vacation) and as the agent wasn’t very familiar with an Air Canada-issued, Lufthansa ticket. In the end, everything went fine and we got to the get around 15 minutes before boarding started.

The Oslo airport is certainly very nice and functional – very Scandinavian.



Ready to Travel!


The flight from Oslo to Frankfurt was pleasant and relatively short. Service was good – while at the beginning the flight attendant in business class seemed a bit cold-slash-rude he turned out to be very attentive and helpful with Olivia – and he even had baby food for us! The breakfast was good – although I only got the tray for the picture op. I found it interesting how all the German business class passengers went for plain tomato juice with their meal.


Let's fly!

Let’s fly!

img_0970 img_0971 img_0975 img_0977

After landing from Oslo, we had a long walk from our gate (A35) to the exit, from where we proceeded to the First Class Terminal. I have been many times to the terminal, but this was the first time visiting with my family, and I was very excited to see what Lufthansa would do for us.

After handing our passports, our Spanish attendant checked our reservation and then saw us through security, which was a breeze (even with Olivia). As it was a Tuesday morning, the terminal was pretty empty – throughout the morning we saw only 1-2 other passengers – which gave us greater privacy.

We headed to the restaurant right away to get some well-deserved breakfast.

img_0985 img_0986 img_0987 img_0988 img_0990

The spread was as good as usual – a good combination of hot and cold dishes, salty and sweet, fruits and desserts, juices and cereals. For the first time ever I decided to try a Weißwurst (white, boiled veal and pork sausage from Bavaria) with mustard – together with a few other items – and I was very surprised by the quality of this sausage! Thuy ordered the eggs benedict, which she said were very good. Also, my cappuccino was nice and her latte was served just like in Italy – in a tall glass (latte is short for latte macchiato after all).

My breakfast...

My breakfast…


Wife's breakfast

Wife’s breakfast

While I wanted to have a small breakfast, it ended up being a rather big one. Can’t complain, though 🙂

After eating we decided to rent one of the bathrooms to let Olivia have some fun. It’s amazing how much babies love bathing – warm water soothes them up – and having a big tub with lots of bubbles let Olivia had A LOT of fun! Also, a refreshing shower helped us refresh ourselves. After our bath – and while Thuy was finishing up in the bathroom – I headed to the cigar lounge which, to my happiness, was fully stocked with Villigier cigars. After getting a Robusto and an Italian newspaper I poured myself a (very nice) glass of Craigellachie 17 (and soon, two glasses) that made my morning very, very nice.

Cigars are back!

Cigars are back!

Forza Italia!

Forza Italia!

In the meantime, Thuy and Olivia were in the kid’s play area of the lounge – something I was totally unaware of! This is located behind the main bar, and it’s quite large. It’s fully carpeted, very clean, has lots of toys, and it includes a large crib where babies and toddlers can take their nap. Thuy was absolutely delighted (and so was Olivia!), and the fact that at breakfast our attendant gave us a special edition rubber ducky with a mom duck and a baby duck with feeding bottle was just the proverbial cherry on top of the cake!

Kids area

Kids area

img_1001 img_1003 img_0999 img_0998 img_0997-edited img_0995 img_0994

As I mentioned earlier, the lounge was quite empty on this June Tuesday morning. There was the same number of staff, but overall it was very quiet, which made the service all the more attentive. As you might know, the lounge has a main seating area in front of the main bar, and a more secluded one to the left of the main entrance, including lounging chairs with blankets. Overall, today it was a real oasis of peace.

Around noon we made our way back to the dining area to grab some lunch.



img_1018 img_1020

Wife's fillet

Wife’s fillet

Bouillabasse - it was excellent!

Bouillabasse – it was excellent!

img_1024 img_1025 img_1026 img_1027 img_1028

A look at the seasonal menu had the bouillabaisse standing out, and that’s what I ordered, while Thuy went for the beef fillet. After placing the order I checked the buffet out, which was varied and outstanding as always (as attested by my full plate!). The only difference I noticed is that next the wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano the usual wheel of aged Gouda was missing – a mild disappointment that was quickly wiped out by the excellent fish soup that I was served after finishing my food. Thuy’s fillet was good as well, albeit (being Texan) she wasn’t too impressed. We washed all this wonderful food down with some Ruinart.

img_0992 img_0993 img_0989

At around 12:45p our attendant came by to inform us that our plane was ready for boarding. After the usual document formalities we were en route on a nice Merceds van to our 747-800 that would bring us back to the US – Newark, in this case.

img_1029-edited img_1030-edited

Once more, Lufthansa’s First Class terminal did not disappoint – in reality, it exceeded expectations, as the level of attention they paid us (given we were traveling with an infant) far exceeded our expectations, making our 4 hours stay very enjoyable.


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