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August 8, 2016 / oneworld82

Ritz-Carlton San Juan, PR

map 2016

The last night of our vacation was spent in pure relax at the Ritz-Carlton San Juan, before taking our flight back to New York City. We were planning to, originally, flying back to Gotham City on Saturday evening (same day the cruise ended), but given how nice San Juan was (and given the great weather!) we quickly looked at hotels and saw a great, under-$200 rate for the Ritz-Carlton, and so we quickly decided to stay one more night and to move our award flight to the night after.

We took a cab for the pier to Isla Verde, the biggest and nicest slice of sand in San Juan, close to the airport and totally beautiful. While not the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, it’s absolutely great as a city beach – and while very popular with locals and tourists alike it’s big enough not to feel crowded.

We were quickly checked in, but our room wasn’t ready yet (it was only 11am) and so we took the chance to explore the resort first. The lobby and common areas were very well-kept and overall quite nice – what you would expect from a Ritz-Carlton property. The hotel has a steakhouse (which, if I am not mistaken, is well-regarded) as well as another, more casual restaurant; it also features a fine-dining Italian place and a casino.

The nicest area of the hotel was the swimming pool, as it was big and very nicely landscaped. There were a lot of people here for the weekend, but finding a lounging chair was not an issue. Also, the hotel has a lots of chairs by the beach – a great option if you like the ocean like we do and if you like shallow water to play in!

The hotel gym is small-ish but well-equipped and offers a range of classes throughout the day.

Our room was a classic room with city view. It was spacious and well-appointed, and generally very comfortable. The only issue we had was the floor – parts of it were soaking wet and no one bothered drying it. But the restroom was nice and big, and the bed comfortable, and since we were staying only one night we did not bother complaining.

Overall, the hotel was great for our short stay and we’d definitely stay again when back in San Juan. Leaving the Caribbean after this wonderful honeymoon was hard (especially going back to the hustle and bustle of NYC), but it was surely a great time we enjoyed a lot!

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