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February 24, 2016 / oneworld82

First Look: American Airlines new amenity kits

Last week I had a chance t take a look up close to American Airlines’ new amenity kits. After having “legacy” kits for the past year or so (ncie for airline geeks, but overall below industry standard), it looks like the U.S. giant carrier is following the more established path of partnering with well-known brands for both the amenity case and the content.

So, how do they look like? Well, this is a picture I was able to snag at a private AA event last week:

FullSizeRender (4)

The kits look nice – a definite upgrade from today’s. While the legacy kits are appealing to #avgeeks, I doubt that the average business traveler would chose mediocre products with legacy logos over Cole Haan pouches with 3-Lab ones. I particularly liked the business class kits, as they look sturdy and of very good quality.

Good job, AA!

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