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February 24, 2016 / oneworld82

British Airways Bonanza: DFW-LHR-FRA in Club World/Europe (BA J 744/A319)

Flight BA192, DFW-LHR


Club World (Business Class), Seat 64A

Boeing 747-400, Upper Deck

New year, new business trip to London. While I meant to fly AA 77W, I noticed that the chances of clearing an upgrade of this particular day were slim to none, so I decided to opt for BA straight away. The airplane today was a 747-400, which meant I could get the chance to seat in the upper deck once more (after my first time back in 2012).

As soon as check-in opened up online, I was able to grab one of all but three seats left upstairs, a window one nonetheless, and so off we went to London!

BA check in

BA check in

Today I go upstairs!

Today I go upstairs!

After spending half a hour in the Centurion Lounge with a couple of coworkers (and having one of their always-good margaritas plus a bowl of chicken tortilla soup), we made our way to gate D14, where our fly would be departing from. Perhaps I have not reviewed the Centurion lounge in detail before, but there are plenty of reviews out there and all of them are right: this is hands down the best lounge in DFW!

Centurion Lounge DFW bar

Centurion Lounge DFW bar


Boarding was smooth (we were among the last passengers to board), and once aboard  I was directed to the upper deck, where I took my seats. It was one of the rear-facing window seats, that offered extreme privacy (once the divider between myself and my neighbor was raised). I love the 747 upper deck because it only features 4 seats per row in a 2-2 configuration, and because the window seats have a lot of side storage space (as you can see from my old post).

After seating down, one of the crew members came offering a pre-departure beverage: champagne, water, or orange juice were the options. I got myself a glass of bubbly and then I read some Wall Street Journal waiting to take off.

The seat, as I mentioned, is very private, and not as narrow as many people say is. The Elemis amenity kit, while it has very useful items (and while I like Elemis skin products), looks pretty cheap, as it’s a simple bag (but perhaps it’s better than other cheap, pouch-like kits). A blanket, pillow, and noise-cancelling headphones completed the picture.

After taxing for quite a while, we were finally en route towards Europe – I was kinda excited to be fair, as this was my first international trip in about two months. While I was excited about leaving, this was also the first time I left after my daughter Olivia was born, and I started missing her and my wife right away! Being a parent really changed my outlook on a lot of things, but of course traveling is always my number one passion 😉

About half an hour into the flight, dinner orders were taken and the first round of drinks were offered. I got myself a Johnny Walker (black label) and Club soda and I enjoyed some Kenyan nuts (I still prefer AA’s, whenever they don’t have 90% cashews at least).

I started watching Straight Outta Compton, but I quickly realized that was not the type of movie I was in the mood for, and so I switched to the much-lighter Pixels. I find Adam Sandler very consistent – never good, never bad, always average.

Dinner then came. The menu read as follows:

BA190 Club World Menu

BA190 Club World Menu

And here’s the wine list:

IMG_8640 IMG_8642

I started with the smoked trout, which was good simply because it wasn’t too cold (it takes so little!). Bread was offered twice from a basket, which was appreciated since I love bread (and since it was warmed up!). Together with the appetizer there was a green salad, which was fine.

IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029

As main I opted to stay light (Taittinger kept me full…), and so I went for the fettouch salad with grilled chicken. Let me say this: it was very good, and I was very happy with my choice.


Service was good, attentive, but not particularly warm. My champagne glass never went empty. The pace of service was good – not too rushed, not too slow, and the overall service (including dessert) took perhaps 75 minutes from when the first drink was served.

Dessert, I mentioned. Well, I usually skip sweets and go straight to the cheese… but this time, BA ran out of cheddar! L So I had to settle for the mango and chocolate bar, which to be fair was good.



After finishing watching the movie I reclined my seat in lay-flat position and I quickly fell asleep (I thank my daughter and Taittinger for that!). I woke up halfway through breakfast service, which I was planning to skip anyways. Nevertheless, I was able to grab a bite, as the crew set up baskets with fruit, pastries, and smoothies/juice. Also, when the flight attendant saw I was awake she came by to promptly offer me tea or coffee – good service indeed.

We ended up landing around ten minutes ahead of schedule, without the need to circle around London.

Overall, this was an enjoyable BA flight. While I find BA Club World to be very consistent, my last couple of flights had been somewhat disappointing in the food section. This one was a bit better, but I do not know if it was because the quality of catering actually improved or because I ordered a simple chicken salad.

If I had to choose between business class on American Airlines’ 77W and BA Club World, I would chose AA anytime though. The hard product (including IFE) is much better on AA, and I think that AA catering has improved dramatically in the last couple of years (although the drinks selection is still poor). Yet, BA Club World is a very solid product – one that I always enjoy flying.


After a couple days of intense work in London, it was time to fly back home. Still, I needed to make good use of all my AA miles, and so after speaking with some friends who tried it, I decided to book myself on a LHR-FRA-NRT-DFW itinerary (using miles all the way to NRT) to try JAL new SkySuite (and new 789 airplane). Quite the long way, but why not?!

Flight BA908, LHR-FRA

02/11/2016, 2:10p – 4:50p

Business Class, Seat 7F


For the short hop across the “Sleeve” strait I was today in Club Europe, on a window seat. BA uses a variety of equipment on this route, ranging from 767s to 319s (this is definitely a  high-frequency, business-heavy connection).

I got to the airport about one hour before departure, got my boarding pass from the self-service kiosk, and then proceeded through fast-track security – it took me 10 minutes overall to be through. I shopped for a bit (ending up buying some new Prada sunglasses – so much cheaper than in the US!), and it was soon time to board from gate A11, right in the middle of T5.


As I was flying Club Europe I used the priority lane and I was quickly seated in my rather-uncomfortable 7F seat (it’s not a criticism to BA, rather than to European carriers in general for their joke of a business class seat…).

I won’t post pictures, as I posted some before and as nothing really changed (the cabin is just as uninspiring as before); but I will point this out: no pre-departure drinks were offered, and no one offered to hang my coat. No one.

We left on time, and the captain announced a flight time just under two hours. I fell asleep during taxiing, and I woke up ~45 minutes later, right when the afternoon tea service started. You gotta appreciate BA for serving Afternoon Tea (yes, capitalized!) on its afternoon flights! The meal service was attentive, warm (in a very British way). The sandwiches – egg salad, chicken, and salmon – were ok, nothing spectacular (yet again, Brits consistently make bad sandwiches despite their insistence in trying), but the scone with Cornish clotted cream was a winner. I washed everything down with some coffee and a couple of glass of champagne (note the new brand: no Monopole anymore -_-)… and shortly after we were about to land in a snowless (and rather warm, given the season) Frankfurt.

IMG_0055 IMG_0057 IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0065 IMG_0066

Overall, this was a consistently-BA flight: good, but not excellent. The fact that no one offered me to hang my coat was annoying, especially because my coat was clearly on sight and it was clear that I was trying to have someone helping me with it.

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  1. Moritz / Mar 4 2016 12:24 pm

    Really sounds like the typical BA flight. Totally fine, but nothing more 😀

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