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September 6, 2015 / oneworld82

London, Provence, and Italy on American Airlines First Class and Iberia Business Class

And so it was time to head to Europe once again, to London first and then home for a short break with my family. The outbound flight was on a non-stop AA’s flight DFW-LHR in old first class. My wife accompanied me this time, as she we are expecting a baby and my family wanted to see us to congratulate us. Oh, and as we had just got married!


Flight AA80, DFW-LHR

July 2015, B777 10:00p – 1:15p+1

First Class, Seat 4G

We got to the airport about 1h30m before our flight, and we spent some time at the Admirals Club in Terminal D. It’s encouraging to see that AA is slowly but surely improving its food offerings at its Clubs around the World.

IMG_6644 IMG_6639 IMG_6642 IMG_6641 IMG_6640 IMG_6643

Boarding happened on time, and we took our seats promptly.  As AA’s First Class cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration, flying in the middle seat is the best option here when traveling with a companion.

IMG_6652 IMG_6656 IMG_6658

After seating, the flight attendant came by and offered to take my coat. I could see that the crew – all females – was going to be good, as they looked happy and willing to please. A first round of drinks was served, but I just went for water.

After take off (and after clearing some turbulence) the flight attendant offered us hot towels, and then the beverage service started. Dinner orders were taken pre-departure.

IMG_6660 IMG_6662

AA’s warm nuts followed, with a glass of decent (but not spectacular) Gosset Brut Reserve. I said it before and I repeat it: AA should really invest more money in its champagne (and drinks in general) offerings, as this wine is barely average and nothing to tell home about.

10-15 minutes after the first drink was served, dinner started. The appetizer was a good…, beets ravioli stuffed with cheese. Then there was soup, a cream of mushroom that both I and my wife liked.



The usual salad ensued, followed by the main course. I opted for the almond-crusted chicken, which was really good (better than the one I had in November).


American Airlines catering is definitely improving – at least in the premium cabin. Yet, it’s shocking that an entrée offered in business class eight months ago is still served in first class. Also, the choices are always limited and rather boring: a pasta, a fish, a chicken, or beef. No creativity whatoever. But hey, I take the improvements! My wife had the halibut – it was good as well.


For dessert I skipped on the sundae for once, and had the pecan tart. Oh my, it was delicious!! Desserts are really an AA specialty, made even better by the fact that they now serve Pedro Ximenez’s Sherry wine (yes, the same one served on Iberia!), which is simply outstanding!


After the meal I changed in the always-comfortable pajamas and then fell asleep. For a change, flight attendants DID offer turn-down service on this flight.

IMG_6649 IMG_6651 IMG_6661

The flight attendant woke me up around 75 minutes prior to landing for breakfast, as requested. Even though I wasn’t hungry I got the omelet, which was very good and accompanied by roasted potatoes and sausage, plus fruit and a choice of biscuit, cinnamon roll, or croissant. Overall, limited choices but good ones (also, AA has an arrival lounge at T3 I ncase you want something more substantial and/or you want to sleep more).


We landed around 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and we were soon at our gate.

Overall, this was one of the best AA first class flights I had so far. Good service, improving food, decent wines (thanks, Pedro Ximenez!) made for a pleasurable hop across the Pond.

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  1. the magnificent something / Sep 7 2015 9:52 am

    That looks amazing!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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