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March 21, 2015 / oneworld82

LHR-DFW on American Airlines First Class (AA F 772)

We had originally planned to fly back from Paris nonstop, but as some availability on AA’s First Class out of London, we decided to connect over there. That would be my gf’s first time in first class, and I was pretty excited for her.

The CDG-LHR sector was uneventful – we had to wake up so early that we slept all the way through. Once we landed we had to connect to T3, which was painless, and we had to collect our boarding passes to DFW. We did not have much time to spend at the terminal, since boarding was about to start.

Flight AA79, LHR-DFW
January 12th, 2015, B777-200
First Class, Seat 4D
1:30p – 6:50p

Our seats were as comfortable as always. While AA’s old first class does look tired and worn out, no one can argue with the comfort of its seats. We were lucky today, as we had a cheery and polite crew. Pre-departure beverage was offered, together with amenity kit and pajamas. While I do not think AA’s pj’s be particularly nice, they are very soft and comfortable and not too warm.


We pushed back right on time, and within minutes we were on our way home. Once airborne, beverage orders were taken (gin and tonic, please!) along with lunch orders. The menu read as follows:

After the always-awesome warm nuts were served and the gin and tonic delivered, our cheerful flight attendant set the table up for us and the meal began.



As appetizer we had a sort of Arabic mezze, with pita bread, dolmio, hummus… it was decent.


After that the mushrooms soup ensued – which was good. American Airlines serves consistently good soups, which is a good thing to me given how much I like soups.


As entree I opted for the jalapeno chicken, while the girlfriend went for the fillet. Both dishes were actually very good, and her fillet (no photos, unfortunately) was possibly the best steak I have had on a plane to date. It was perfectly medium-rare, flavorful – just as it should be.


Before the entree a nice if simple salad was offered.


I topped off what was a very nice meal with a butterscotch sundae with all the works.

IMG_5767 IMG_5768

After the meal we dozed off and watched some movies during what turned out to be a pleasant and uneventful flight. AA’s lie flat beds, albeit old, are still very comfortable. I also like AA pajamas, which I find very well-fitting and of a good quality/material. About one year before landing, our pre-arrival meal was served. We had a choice of flat-bread or charcuterie platter. I opted for the latter, which was good.

IMG_5770 IMG_5772

We landed shortly after on a warm Dallas winter evening, and after clearing immigration we were eon our way to Chipotle for some good ol’ fake Tex-Mex food. Welcome back home! 🙂


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  1. tiggywinkle22 / Apr 19 2015 11:42 am

    Nice report. I just discovered your blog and have gone through your archive of posts. Wow, I was able to get a lot of great info which will be helpful in my upcoming trips. I really appreciate the great posts and look forward to reading your blog in the future!

    • robertocusato / Feb 26 2016 12:59 pm

      Thanks! Feel free to share it with friends! 🙂

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