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February 19, 2015 / oneworld82

Paris, here we come! A happy flight for two: AA Business Class (AA763ER J Class)

We left Dallas on a sunny but chilly Thursday afternoon… to head to Chicago, which was literally being snowed under. You see, there is never a good time to fly over ORD during winter time, because that city can get just so much snow at once to disrupt flight operations for hours (or days). But ORD-CDG was the only viable option to get upgraded to business class, and so we had decided to book this route. As bad weather worsened in the morning, we started to get nervous that something might go wrong. Fortunately for us, out Noon-ish flight to ORD was actually coming from Fresno, CA – where the weather was much nicer. That flight landed on time, and our boarding happened on time as well. In no time, we were thankfully taxing to our designated runway… Just to get a full stop just moments before taking off because of a high-wind warning in Chicago! The bad luck! The pilot announced that the Chicago airport would not let us take off for at least an hour, which would make our connection in Chicago very tight. I took out my phone and started looking for alternatives in case we would miss our original flight in Chicago.. but after only 20 minutes, the pilot came back announcing that we would be able to leave much sooner than expected after all, and so off we went only half hour late to Chicago!

Our flight was uneventful, and we landed in a Chicago submerged by the snow. Everything (and everyone working outside, for that matter) looked very miserable, and we were certainly happy to be only transiting through the Windy city.

To Chicago...!

To Chicago…!

Flight AA44, ORD-CDG

Jan 8th, 2014, 5:55p – 7:25a

Business Class, B767-300ER

It turned out that our connecting flight was delayed by 30 minutes as well, as so we were able to easily connect. Boarding was a breeze and we took our seats on one of AA’s not-yet-reconfigured Boeing 767-300ER. Now that I tried AA’s new business class, the old product doesn’t look that good anymore. The 2-2-2 configuration – and the lack of aisle access for all seats – make the cabin look somewhat cramped.


The seat overall is comfortable – and I do not particularly mind angled lie-flat beds, as I can still sleep well on them. But the lack of a personal IFE is only partially compensated by the Samsung Galaxy tablets – which make your seat and trays somewhat messy with wires – these seats definitely do not have much personal space.

Pre-Departure fun

Pre-Departure fun

IMG_5615 IMG_5616 IMG_5600

In any case, we had a very good crew on this flight; pre-departure beverages were offered, and we had a toast to our trip with some sparkling wine. We ended up leaving about one hour late due to de-icing. Chicago makes this process almost seamless – a real feat when the weather conditions are as horrible as they were that day!

Once airborne dinner service started almost right away with drinks and nuts. I had my usual gin and tonic, and then dinner started. The menu read as follows.



Gin and Tonic

The food was quite good tonight, and the service was excellent. Our glasses never went empty, our flight attendant was cheerful and genuinely happy to make sure we had a good trip, and we were watching a good movie (Annabelle) to keep ourselves entertained. We couldn’t ask for more.

We started with the beet and quinoa salad with goat cheese; nothing “to die for”, but certainly a decent dish. The salad that came with the tray was pretty tasty, as I found it’s almost always the case on AA.

IMG_5620 IMG_5621



To follow, we both had the fillet. While it was well-done (sigh), the dipping sauce made up for it and actually made the dish good. The mashed potatoes were quite tasty, and I really can’t complain about this dish.

IMG_5626 IMG_5625

To finish off dinner, I had some cheese. Rather low quality, but better than it used to be one year ago.


The meal, I have to admit, was pretty good overall. Again, American Airlines does business class well, and I am always happy to fly AA’s J class product across the Atlantic.

After our meal we dozed off, and we woke up just in time for breakfast, about 3 hours later. Given the good experience I had going to London over Christmas I decided to have the omelet again, and I was not disappointed. AA is definitely getting its breakfast right!


Excellent breakfast!


We landed about one hour late in Paris and we were soon ready to go on our way to the hotel, thanks to the efficient RER (regional train) service to/from Charles de Gaulle. One thing we noticed right away: there was a lot of police/army at the airport terminal. The terrorist attacks of a couple of days earlier had definitely put the city on high alert.

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