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January 14, 2015 / oneworld82

Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt – Another visit

Weather in Frankfurt was frosty today; walking outside with my leather loafers was hazardous to say the least, but I safely made it to the First Class Terminal where I was promptly checked in. While the lounge looked rather busy once I walked in, most people left within an hour on the AM flights to North America, living only few people to enjoy this beautiful space.

Lufthansa First Clss Terminal

Lufthansa First Clss Terminal

The lounge is always oh-so-amazing. Some pictures, to refresh everyone’s memory about it.

IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5418

Duty Free shop

Duty Free shop

Since I had only tried the food on my first flight, I proceeded right away to the restaurant for some brekkie. The spread was very similar to last August’s (my last visit to the terminal).

I opted for something sweet this time, since the Belgian Waffles looked too good to be passed on. Put some maple syrup, some redcurrant compote, some fresh fruit as side… et voila’, the perfect(ly tasting) breakfast was served! I had it with a glass of carrot juice, which is incredibly tasty in the Do&Co version!


Perfect Belgian waffle

Perfect Belgian waffle


IMG_5389 IMG_5390

After breakfast I proceeded to the shower area and I got myself a nice bath. That was really restoring – it made me feel brand new! The bathtub room is truly luxurious with its spacious tub, rain shower, Ethro amenities… It’s really the little touches that make an airline great, and Lufthansa clearly understands that.

IMG_5391 IMG_5392 IMG_5394

My other ritual at the First Class Terminal is smoking a good cigar while sampling some good whiskey. The lounge features Villiger Dominican cigars – which are definitely good even though they do not have the glamour of Cuban cigars. I had my cigar with a glass of Suntori Yamazaki, followed by a glass of Welsh scotch.

IMG_5395 IMG_5400 IMG_5397 IMG_5402 IMG_5403

Both whiskeys were excellent, and their smokiness and smoothness perfectly matched by well-balanced cigar.

Time flies when you have fun, and by the time I was done smoking it was already noon. Since I was supposed to board at 12.40pm I proceeded to the restaurant to have some lunch. One of the waiters was Italian, and I was delighted by that since I believe that Italians know how to deliver excellent service. I ordered the beef fillet for lunch (medium rare) and I then proceeded to the buffet area to pick up some appetizers. I of course ended up filling all my plate with such goodies as shrimp linguine (very tasty with perfectly “al dente” noodles), asparagus, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Gouda, pretzel… It’s really pretty amazing how this place delivers top-notch food!

IMG_5404 IMG_5405 IMG_5406 IMG_5407 IMG_5408

I started off with a glass of Bollinger champagne, and by the time that was gone my steak was ready. Let me just say this: this piece of meat was DIVINE. It was perfectly cooked as I ordered it; it was a tender, tasty piece of fillet mignon; it was perfect in size and great in flavor (not the best steak I have ever had of course, but very very good nonetheless); it came with a perfectly-dressed arugula salad that well-complemented the meat. Pair that with a glass of Barbera (a red wine from the Piedmont region of Italy with mild tannins and medium-strong body), and I was in pure bliss.


Fillet mignon and arugula salad

Fillet mignon and arugula salad


Perfectly cooked medium-rare

Perfectly cooked medium-rare

Giovanni (the waiter) offered an espresso (which I of course accepted) and I took the chance to sample Do&Co’s tiramisu as well, which was simply excellent. All in all, this was a fantastic meal that set the mood right to my Lufthansa flight.


Here, though, things started going a bit south. My flight was first delayed by 30 minutes, which then became 1 hour. No big deal, since I had more of enough time to connect in Toronto. One hour after my original boarding time, a lounge attendant picked myself and two other gentlemen up for our Mercedes minivan ride to our beautiful B747-400. Passport control was a breeze as usual, and riding in a luxury car on the way to a plane is always special. Unfortunately, things were going to get much worse…


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