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January 5, 2015 / oneworld82

LH NCE-FRA in Business Class

Flight LH1069, NCE-FRA
Dec 28th, 2014, 7:25a-8:55a
Business Class, Seat 1A
Airbus 319

My time home flew by quickly – luckily, in a way, as I am not sure my body can handle the rhythm of Italian eating and drinking anymore – and yes, that comes from someone living in Texas now.

Check in with Lufthansa was smooth, even though it took a little longer than expected as a coople of customers were checking in… tires. Like in car tires. And about a dozen of them. To say that it puzzled me it to understate it…


Anyways, after receiving my boarding card and waving my dad goodbye I went through security – always a breeze in Europe – and then I proceeded to the Aigle Azur lounge in the departures section of the terminal. This is the only lounge operated at NCE T1 (there are actually two, from the same operator, for non-Schengen flights). The lounge is rather basic but it does feature comfortable armchairs and a decent spread of breakfast items and beverages. Given that Nice is definitely not a business market, the size and quality of the lounge was actually pretty nice.

Nice Aigle Azur lounge

Nice Aigle Azur lounge

IMG_5364 IMG_5365 IMG_5366 IMG_5367 IMG_5369

Boarding happened on time, and I proceeded to take my seat on today’s Airbus A319 (1A). Lufthansa’s short-haul business class is very similar to BA’s – standard seats with middle seat blocked. Color schemes are, of course, different.

LH A319

LH A319

No pre-departure beverages were offered, but at least we left on time for what the captain announced would be a 1h20m-long flight. Taking off from Nice, just like landing, is always spectacular: this time we coasted all the French and Italian Riviera all the way to Genoa, before turning north. The views that we got of the coast with the dramatic Alps and Appennines Mountains on the background were priceless.

IMG_5372 IMG_5373 IMG_5374 IMG_5380

Once we reached our cruising altitude, breakfast service started. There were no options, but everything came on a tray consisting of some good cured meat (bresaola) and cheese and then a bowl of fresh cheese (very similar to Greek yogurt in texture, but milder in taste) with fruit in the purest French fashion. Everything tasted very good; warm breads were offered (I went for a croissant, which was good), as well beverages. All in all, a very good breakfast for such a short flight.


Breakfast on LH C class - NCE-FRA

Breakfast on LH C class – NCE-FRA


Once approaching into Frankfurt we could enjoy some beautiful views of a snow-blanketed central Germany. Lighting wasn’t ideal for pictures though.


We landed perfectly on time at an apron position, and I was the first one to get off the plane. To my delight, a chauffeur with a beautiful Mercedes S Class was waiting for me to drive to the main terminal. The car was simply beautiful, and it showed me once more how well Lufthansa does First Class.


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