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May 4, 2014 / oneworld82

To Taipei… burning US Airways Dividend Miles!

Ah, US Airways Dividend Miles. I have been accumulating them for 18 months now, and  I stashed 380k without even realizing it. As you can imagine, it was high time I burned them – especially because I have a bad feeling about the program after is harmonized and enhanced to AA’s AAdvantage.

So, what did I do? I booked myself two trips.

  1. A weekend trip to Taipei on Cathay Pacific First Class and JAL new First Class
  2. A 9 day trip to Kenya for next February on BA First Class and Qatar Airways First Class… with no fuel surcharges!

After this, I still have in excess of 120k miles which I will use soon (somehow). But let’s go in order.

So, Taiwan. A country that has always fascinated me but somehow eluded me. Why Taiwan? Well, the food first and foremost. Taipei is famous for its night markets, its stinky tofu, and Din Tai Fung – one of the best places in the World for xiaolongbao – pork-filled, soupy dumplings.

Then, the culture. Taiwan is at once China and something completely different from it. Strong Japanese influence, Western-style democracy, but still China, or how Mainland could have been had the Kuomingtang not lost to Mao. I will have ~48 hours in Taipei, and I am determined to make the best out of it. Will see what I can do! J But just as important, I will get to fly Cathay Pacific First Class once again and I will get to try the new Wing lounge in Hong Kong; but it won’t stop there. On my way back, I will get to try JAL new First Class on a refurbished 773 – and the thought of having 11 hours of 2002 Salon Blanc des Blancs is, by itself, enough to make me happy (not counting what I expect to be an excellent meal on board and great service, of course).



The report will feature the following sections:

1. US Chairman Club in PHX

2. Cathay Pacific Lounge at SFO

3. Cathay Pacific First Class SFO-HKG

4. The Wing Lounge @ HKG

5. Cathay Pacific First Class HKG-TPE

6. Taipei Day 1

7. Taipei Day 2

8. JAL Lounge at TPE

9. JAL Business Class TPE-NRT

10. JAL First Class Lounge at NRT

11. JAL First Class NRT-LAX

I hope you’ll enjoy!

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