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January 31, 2013 / oneworld82

Sneak Peak: new American Airlines B777-300ER interiors

I was one of the lucky few invited to take part of a tour of the new AA773 today before the plane left for Sao Paulo on its maiden flight. Here are some pictures. Overall, the plane feel great, except:

1. No alcoholic beverages in the premium walk-up bar;

2. Business class tv doesn’t rotate nor extend vertically, making it somewhat uncomfortable to watch TV while fully reclined in sleep mode;

3. First Class looks nice but not as nice as other First Class cabins (why do they use that rotating seat is still a mystery to me…).

Overall, a very good product – certainly the best of all North American carriers out there – in all 4 cabins. Main cabin extra looks like a welcome addition to economy class. The 3-4-3 layout in economy doesn’t feel cramped and the seats are comfortable. IFE is a considerable upgrade from (AA) past.

To sum up, an interesting plane that I am eager to try, although nothing too innovative or creative in absolute terms. Nevertheless, this should be a winner for the company in high-yielding routes.


Walk-up bar. Nicely landscaped

New business class seat

New business class seat


Fully lie-flat seat. Finally


Upgraded systems and functionalities


Main cabin




Nice finishes in the First Class restroom (and floor-to-ceiling mirror!)


First class toilet


First class seat


First Class seat. Private, but not extremely so.


I still do not like this layout…


Comfortable first class seat in bed mode

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