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June 4, 2012 / oneworld82

Everything in oneworld! 2 months in Australasia, including JFK-HKG-SIN CX F/C, BKK-HKG RJ Y, MNL-SYD QF C, CNS-MEL-LAX-SJC QF J (A380!)/AA F and more!

Alright guys, here we are (finally!). After months of careful (and fun) planning, the moment I have longed for has finally come! I am about to embark on a journey that – in 57 days – will lead me throughout the Asia-Pacific region in what’s going to be a BLAST! After graduating from Cornell with a MBA – and going back to the “real” world in August – I have decided to take a break that will take me to 4 countries I have never visited before (exciting indeed!).

I see this trip as a two-parts adventure: the first part runs from June 1st until June 27th and the second part from June 27th until July 26th. I I will create various posts throughout the journey, all of which will be linked to this main thread.

Itinerary (out of Ithaca, NY via New York, NY)

The report will be divided in the following manner:

Part I – The take-off! JFK – HKG – SIN on CX F and J with BA Galleries First lounge at JFK Terminal 7

Part II – Singapore, The land of 1,000 cuisines.

Part III – SIN – SGN on JetStar Y

Part IV – From Saigon to Hanoi. A northbound cultural and culinary discovery of Vietnam (VN C/Y)

Part V – HAN – LPB on Lao Aviation Y

Part VI – A week in Laos, Land of Peace and Serenity

Part VII – VTE – BKK on a train in first class + BKK – HKG on RJ Y

Part VIII – Dim Sum! Hong Kong, once again. HKG – KLO on Cebu Pacific Y

Part IX – Visayas to Palawan: a journey through the Philippines (KLO – MNL, PPS – MNL on PR Y; MNL – BSU on Cebu Pacific Y)

Part X – MNL – SYD on QF J

Part XI – An Australian adventure: from Sydney to Cairns via the Great Reef Barrier

Part XII – CNS – MEL – LAX – SJC on QF J and AA F

I hope you will enjoy to read these reports as much as I am enjoying writing them! 🙂

As you can guess from the (future) posts, I will be visiting Singapore (always a pleasure indulging in the culinary offerings of the city!), Vietnam, Laos, Bangkok (briefly, just for a spa treatment), Hong Kong, Philippines, and Australia. It will be a mix of luxury and budget traveling, mingling CX F with JetStar, hostels in Boracay with 5-star hotels in Hanoi and elsewhere, high-end eateries with small, street-side stalls selling noodle soups. The purpose of this is to get a flavor of different aspects and levels of the countries I will be visiting, always keeping in mind that traveling means to:

a. learn

b. have fun

As I have been in South Eastern Asia many times before (in fact, I used to work in Jakarta, Indonesia and Chiang Rai, Thailand) I know that the region will provide us with plenty of great food adventures, sightseeing, and world-class scuba diving opportunities. I hope that my report(s) will help you learn something (new) about this area of the world and – why not! – convince you to take a trip there yourselves!

Stay tuned then; the fun is about to begin!

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