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November 21, 2011 / oneworld82

Finnair goes green – as many others as well!

In a trend that has seen United and American – among others – stepping up their greening efforts, Finnair has created its own sustainability website where to showcase its greening efforts. Hailing from one of the greenest countries in the World, it was only natural that Finnair developed a website where to show its efforts to be a sustainable airline.

Biofuels, recycling programs, CO2 reduction efforts are some of the major ideas that airlines have come up with so far to try to improve their sustainability record. An industry so reliant of fossil fuels like the airline’s can certainly do a lot to make an impact. Simple steps as using a single engine for taxing to have the airplanes towed by vehicles from one part of the airport to another can not only reduce the carbon footprint but making the company save lots of money.

Also, airlines can have an impact in their sustainability practices by choosing to utilize only sustainable food from certified producers – at least in their premium cabins. Making sure that the salmon served comes from sustainable fisheries, for instance, would go a long way in improving the green record of any airline.

So far, steps taken have been mostly small. The direction seems to be the right one though. Let’s just hope the management teams really understand that getting green done can be profitable as well!

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