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July 26, 2011 / oneworld82

IATA present awards to Alitalia and Rome FCO airport over… baggage handling!

In what may seems a paradox, IATA presented both Alitalia and Rome Leonardo da Vinci “Fiumicino” airport with a certificate of recognition “for the results obtained thanks to the progress of the program for baggage handling Bip – Baggage Improvement Program”, AvioNews reports.

To whomever has flown through Fiumicino during the second half of July until the end of August, this may seem rather odd. As this article from the USA Today reminds us, in the near past Fiumicino (as well as Alitalia, whose base is at Fiumicino) has been plagued by baggage handling problems during the Italian peak summer holiday season. Lost baggages and long delays in finding them have become so common that people simply started avoiding flying in and out of FCO with checked baggage during July and August. Chronic under-staffing has been pinpointed as the main reason for the situation, yet the more fundamental problem lied in the old, outdated baggage handling system.

Apparently, new technology investments have warranted IATA to praise FCO and Alitalia for their effors. Yet, the peak season is still to come, and we just hope that this certificate of recognition didn’t come too early…

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